• Racist Roots of Earth Day

    The Racist Roots of Earth Day

    We’ve just celebrated another “Earth Day,” an annual event requiring the political class to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment from humanity. On the surface it’s a public exercise promoting conservation but its origins and legacy has a much darker past with an even darker future.

    The early 1960’s produced several tomes on impending doom facing humanity. The Club of Rome promoted Malthusian theory regarding overpopulation and scarcity, predicting famine, war and disease on a Biblical scale if the harshest of measures weren’t imposed upon humanity.

    In 1968 Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Ecology from Stanford University published “The Population Bomb” which postulated that mass starvation was soon to devastate the earth along with destabilization of civilization. His solution was to impose totalitarian global population control, with the emphasis being upon the burgeoning populations of the less developed countries populated by brown-skinned people with high birth rates. The Club of Rome pounced upon this theme in 1974 with its pronouncement that “The world has cancer and the cancer is Man” (Mankind at the Turning Point, 1974).

    The year 1970 saw the birth of the modern environmental movement and in the United States, the Nixon Administration initiated the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of its first actions was to promote the global ban of the pesticide DDT which literally destroyed the progress made in the world towards the control and near eradication of Malaria as a debilitating and fatal disease. This action alone resulted in the deaths of millions children and continues to kill the poor and undernourished globally by the millions. Rachel Carson told us DDT was destroying the environment in her book “Silent Spring,” predicting a Spring without our feathered friends, a result of DDT softening the shells of bird eggs. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) took strong exception to Carson’s tome but the media won the day, DDT was banned despite all of the evidence and testimony of distinguished scientists to the contrary. It’s reported that Nixon’s EPA Director, William Ruckelhaus, didn’t even read the NAS report refuting the critics of DDT; his decision being made on purely political motives to assist the Nixon administration in polls leading up to the 1972 presidential election.

    The most insidious policies however were the population control measures forcibly implemented across the globe, policies initiated by the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNPFA), funded in large part by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) via the U.S. Department of State. A classified document (leaked in the 1990’s) prepared under the aegis of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, National Security Study Memorandum 200 titled “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests,” (also known as the Kissinger Report) put forth the strategy followed for the next half century to forcibly curtail global population in the Third World.

    In the name of population control and largely paid for by U.S. taxpayers, the UNPFA instituted a brutally efficient program directed at the world’s poorest and most defenseless groups of people using forced sterilization of millions of women, forced abortions, literally up to the moment of birth (and after) and the mandatory implantation of contraceptive devices such as IUDs on peasant women in India, China, Indonesia, Peru and Africa, to name but a few of the 13 priority targeted nations.

    Military and police forces used brute force to apprehend unwilling women from “lower classes” such as the “untouchables of India” and indigenous native populations of Peru for forced sterilization and abortions. IUDs banned in the United States as being defective were distributed enmasse to Third World countries. The devices were often unsterilized and given to untrained, unqualified government practitioners to implant them in poor women with dire medical consequences for victimized women.

    Communist China enthusiastically adopted the UNPFA doctrine and initiated its infamous “one child policy” using typical brutal totalitarian methods. A Chinese general headed  the program with military efficiency, using such barbaric tactics as to give USAID Public Information Officers pause. “Unauthorized” toddlers were reported to be tied to chairs in “dying rooms”, denied food and water until they died. There were no exceptions to the one child policy for decades, resulting in deliberate mass starvation and denial of care for female children among village populations, a result of Chinese cultural preference for male children. China recently abandoned the one-child policy, facing societal dislocation with 200 million surplus males to females. India, which adopted similarly harsh population control policies against their “Untouchables” has a male surplus of 37 million. The disruption to Chinese society is severe as was predicted by Liang Zhongtang, a Marxist educator opposed to the policy. He predicted that the policy would require each couple to eventually support seven persons and they’d have no relatives to assist their generation in old age.

    In Africa, the UNPFA policy has overwhelmed medical facilities, assisted by corrupt government agents willing to unquestionably accept UNPFA funds. Across swaths of Africa antibiotics and sterilization equipment has been replaced by mountains of contraceptives and devices, leading to medical catastrophes in rural areas. The widespread use of unsterilized hypodermic needles used for popular contraceptives requiring injections at intervals has led to the explosion of AIDs across Africa. It’s estimated that 100 million such devices, unsterilized, in untrained hands were distributed in our name using our dollars at the behest of saving the planet from mankind. Excuse me if I don’t celebrate the holocaust.

    Al Fonzi, New Times article 27 April 2017

  • Lord, Protect Us From The California Legislature

    Lord, Protect Us from the California Legislature

    In the 10th century people prayed “Lord, protect us from the Norsemen” and a century later added “…protect us from the Saracen” referring in the first instance to Viking raiders and the second to Muslim pirates raiding the coasts of Britain for slaves and plunder. Today we need to pray to protect us from the California legislature whenever it is in session.

    This week the California Legislature is quite busy passing bills designed to strip us of our most fundamental rights. For the uninitiated, California has become, for all practical purposes, a one-party state with the Democrats holding a supermajority in the Assembly and the Senate, the Governorship and holding every statewide elected office.

    On Tuesday, the State Senate passed SB 54 declaring the entire state to be a sanctuary state. It proceeds to the Assembly where passage is assured along with the Governor’s signature. SB 54 prohibits every law enforcement agency, including correctional officers, prison guards etc. from communicating with or providing any assistance to federal law enforcement officers in the apprehension of persons illegally present in the United States. It makes a few exceptions for the most egregious criminal element, such as murderers and rapists but leaves out lesser sex offenders, such as pedophiles and sex traffickers as being protected along with habitual drunk drivers, spouse beaters, and thugs engaged in aggravated assault, drug trafficking and gang affiliation. Thus the most violent gangs in America were given protected legal status by the California Legislature from any fear of deportation after completing prison sentences.

    Californians were duped a few years ago into passing Proposition 47, ostensibly to make our justice system more humane, prisons less crowded. Many former felonies have been reduced to misdemeanors. That resulted in drug addicts no longer getting drug treatment while incarcerated with access to rehab programs; they’re right back out on the street. Previously, many of them received treatment because the length of their sentence allowed them time to clean up; now they’re just out and return to drugs and crime. Statistically, the local effect is a 52% increase in car thefts in SLO and a general crime increase of 11% in 2016 over 2015. If a thief steals $950 or less from a store, he only gets a citation. Some organized shoplifting rings actually bring calculators to ensure they don’t cross a legal limit. Property crime is substantially up in SLO with thefts from cars the most common property crime. The California State Supreme Court went even further this week, declaring that a thief attempting to cash stolen checks at a bank qualified under Prop 47 protections and should be treated the same as a shoplifter by the legal system.

    The legislature wasn’t content with simply making California a more dangerous place to live; they also put forth several bills assaulting your basic freedoms. Progressives have a historical love affair with tyrants, thus it’s no surprise when they have an entire state to use as a laboratory that they aggressively suborn cherished rights by imposition of restrictions and taxes on unsuspecting Californians.

    Just a few examples: AB 890 severely restricts if not ends local citizen ballot initiatives if it applies to any land use issues directly or indirectly affecting the environment. You’d be required to submit your proposed initiative to the local city/county planners. If planners determine that your initiative has any direct or indirect physical change to the environment, planners would be empowered to veto the placement of the initiative on the ballot. If this had been law in 2008 the referendum to repeal unpopular creek setbacks in Atascadero would have been prohibited.

    AB 1104 makes it unlawful for a person to “publish or circulate on the internet…or in any writing…a false or deceptive statement designed to influence the vote on any issue submitted to voters in an election or any candidate to public office.” Who decides what’s “deceptive” and what happened to First Amendment protections of political speech?

    SB 219 doesn’t prohibit speech, it simply compels speech. If you work in a nursing home it becomes a crime to address a resident by the pronouns of Mr. or Mrs. or any non-approved (by the LGBT community) gender specific moniker, regardless of custom or preference. It actually becomes a crime to use such terms and there are no exceptions for faith-based institutional providers.

    SB 640 would impose a “service tax” on everything: doctor’s appointments, dentists, tax preparers, accountants, lawyers and lawn services. It taxes everything! This is in addition to the increase in gas taxes by 12 cents a gallon and an increase in vehicle registration fees by an average of $50 per vehicle per year. They’re just getting started in Sacramento and yes, they’re probably even coming for your dog, if not this year, then next.


                Al Fonzi

  • RPSLO March Newsletter – Why Would Trump Think He Got Bugged

    Why Would Trump Think His Campaign Got Bugged? – Bob Martz

    Count the Ways!!!!!!!!!

    Fact: General Flynn was bugged & leaked result was published in Washington Post.

    Who initiated the tap – who approved it – & who LEAKED it- which is a felony.

    Fact: Obama in his last week, broke all previous protocols & allowed release of intelligence across all agencies.

    Fact: Inauguration Day,1-20-17, NY Times article by M.F.Schmidt, “Wire tapped Data Used in  Inquiry of Trump Aides”

    See NY Times front page below: Article went on to infer that Trumps aides may have had Russian connections.

    Fact: After Trump tweets he’s been bugged, a NY Times article by same M.F,Schmidt said ”No Evidence” of any wire-tap.

    Again, see below: Do any on the LEFT ever remember or are responsible for what they had previously written.

    Unconfirmed reports have surfaced of wire-tap requests in June to FISA that were denied.

    It is extremely rare that FISA requests are denied, only a few amongst thousands have been denied.

    Another unconfirmed report surfaced of an October FISA request that was again denied but then approved.

    Unconfirmed FISA requests are not proof, but they are strong circumstantial evidence of the bugging narrative.

    The NY Times speculated staffers Manifort, Stone, & Page may have been bugged due to their “Russian” connections.

    NY Times keeps pounding the absurd narrative the GOP & Russians stole the election, more bugging credence.

    Obama staffer says Obama or anyone in White House did not order any wire-tap on any Trump or campaign staff.

    A useless denial, Presidents cannot order a wire-tap & just like Lois Lerner blocked IRS OK without any order.

    James Clapper, Obama’s Intelligence Director, would have known of any Trump or staff tap, & he denied any knowledge.

    Could Mr. Clapper just not know that “surveillance” occurred or could he be part of the cover-up and lied?

    95% of Bureaucracy, 97% of Dept. of Justice, & 99% of State Dept. donated to Hillary’s campaign.

    The opportunity to damage the Trump election or his presidency was and is still rampant by thousands of people.

    Are Democrats being members of the “loyal opposition” to help make a better America for all or just being destructive?

    Obama’s “Organized for Action” group as directed in their INDIVISIBLE decree, are disrupting GOP town-halls.

                    Schumer, Pelosi, and Perez debauch, slander, & miss-quote every Trump or GOP plan even before seeing it.

                    With few exceptions, Democrats in mass disrespected, ridiculed, & walked out on Trump’s speech to Congress..

    USA institutions of Democracy are at severe risk due to being pummeled with hate from the Left, Media & Democrats.

                Obama has stayed in Washington to nefariously direct anti-Trump actions & he’s proven capable of lawlessness.

    Obama in his last 8 days ordered release of intel data across all 17 agencies in unprecedented dissemination data to thousands guaranteeing info leaks













  • The Real Obama Legacy

    Every president leaves a legacy whether it is intentional or not. Our first president, George Washington, left us the legacy of a lifetime of selfless service, of one who eschewed power in favor of preserving the Republic for which he personally sacrificed so much. When he left the Presidency, Americans lined the roadsides to cheer him as he rode home one final time. Most presidents have a captivating moment or issue in which they rise to the occasion and leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of the nation. I can’t say that about President Obama. More than any single individual, President Obama used his power and prestige of office to the detriment of the national interest. He has left us more divided, quite literally at war with each other, despairing of hope in some quarters and weaker, both domestically and internationally than virtually any other president that I can recall.

    Somewhat striking is his attitude in departure, determined to inflict as much damage on America’s national interests as he can while boasting of a scandal-free administration, claiming to have made us stronger and more respected in the world than at any time in our history. Such self-delusion convinces me more than ever that the sycophants that surrounded him during his two terms of office have done irreparable harm to the nation and likely to the man they served. No doubt he bears responsibility for the choices of those who served him most closely but never have I observed a president so detached from the reality of the legacy of his time in office.

    Starting with his fiscal irresponsibility, the Obama presidency doubled the national debt from 10 trillion to nearly 20 trillion, more debt than all the previous presidencies of our nation combined since its founding 241 years ago. President Bush had the “9-11” attack and a financial collapse to account for some of his massive spending; President Obama used the financial crisis to pay off union supporters and favored States. Virtually none of the massive spending he initiated found its way into programs to benefit the national economy. During his term more people dropped out of the labor force than at any time in our history and haven’t returned, just as we now have more people on welfare than any time before.

    President Obama pursued policies that severely degraded our national defense with our nuclear deterrent forces reaching critical obsolescence; experts now state our nuclear weapons are of questionable reliability and survivability after eight years of deliberate underfunding along with prohibitions on quality assurance testing. This occurred even as Putin’s Russia embarked upon a massive nuclear modernization and rearmament program and adopted an “early first use nuclear doctrine” that included use of nuclear weapons to stave off defeat in a conventional conflict. Obama sabotaged our ability to defend against a nuclear threat, cutting strategic defenses as North Korea develops intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads. Our ability to protect ourselves from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from solar flares or nuclear attack was crippled by Obama’s new regulations limiting our options this week. An EMP over the USA would obliterate our electrical grid and kill 90% of the American populace within a year; you’d never know it happened until it was over.

    President Obama claimed to have a “scandal-free” administration: That only occurred if the Justice Department didn’t run guns to Mexican drug cartels in the criminally negligent “Operation Fast and Furious,” resulting in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, which the Justice Department then covered up. The Attorney General was cited for Contempt of Congress, which he and the President ignored. “Scandal-free” only occurred if the IRS didn’t harass Americans engaging in legitimate, constitutionally protected political activity. The IRS then refused to answer questions from Congress and destroyed evidence. It was scandal free if an American ambassador wasn’t slaughtered in Benghazi, Libya and it was revealed he pleaded for more security for months prior, to no avail. No scandal occurred unless his Secretary of State massively violated national security protocols by setting up an unauthorized, illegal, private, unsecure e-mail system that compromised thousands of Department of State communications. President Obama lauded a deserter as a hero, trading five hardened terrorist commanders for a soldier who abandoned his comrades; Obama denied American soldiers military benefits for years after they were wounded and murdered by a Muslim terrorist at Fort Hood, revoked asylum recognition for Cuban refugees fleeing tyranny while threatening to return them to face imprisonment or death, and commuted the 45-year prison sentence of a soldier convicted of espionage and aiding the enemy in time of war, a capital offense, to just the seven years he served. Dozens of Afghans aiding American soldiers were executed by the Taliban because of the treason of Pvt. Bradley (Chelsea) Manning; Americans died as well. Interestingly, Obama refused to pardon Jonathan Pollard, serving over 30 years of his life sentence for espionage; Pollard, who is Jewish, gave secrets to the Israelis, an American ally. Nobody died.

    President Obama’s worst offense, however, was leaving us divided. As the first Black President, he could have called for unity and reconciliation. Instead, he petulantly used his office and his pulpit to scold and vilify his opponents, dividing us along lines of race and class. For that more than any other offense, President Obama’s legacy is a stain on the office he occupied.

    Al Fonzi, Atascadero News Article 20 January 2017

  • Victory 2016 & Victory 2018

    Hello and welcome to our newsletter. I am proud and honored to have been elected as Chairman of the Republican party of San Luis Obispo County and I am excited to lead the party into the future, building on our 2016 victories.

    Most of the media focus has been the election of President Donald J Trump and VP Mike Pence. Doesn’t that sound good? President Trump is moving forward with lightning speed fulfilling his election promises. With the retention of the Senate and House of Representatives by Republicans, it is going to be a phenomenal several years. I am highly optimistic, seeing President Trump’s cabinet picks and knowing that he will be naming judges to the Supreme Court that are strict constitutionalists, that his administration will set this country back on a path that we Republicans can be proud of again.

    What the media is not talking about is just as important. Republicans now hold a record number of governorships and state legislatures. The GOP now controls 33 state governorships, the highest level since 1992. Currently, the Democrats control the lowest level of State legislatures since the Civil War. The GOP picked up five state House chambers and two state Senate chambers on November 8. Republicans now control a record 68% of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers. That is 67 of the 98 of the state legislative chambers. In contrast, Democrats have total control only 13 state legislatures. There are only six states in which the Democrats have control of the legislature and the governorship. Those states are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Oregon, Rhode Island. Please see https://ballotpedia.org/Gubernatorial_and_legislative_party_control_of_state_government for more details and a very interesting graphic display.

    In California, the Democrats hold a two thirds majority in each house and there are no elected statewide Republicans. That’s pretty sad. We are doing worse in California than Massachusetts. Unbelievable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t change things. We had great success here in San Luis Obispo County, by electing Jordan Cunningham to the state assembly, reelecting Debbie Arnold and electing John Peschong to the Board of Supervisors. We also had many other local nonpartisan victories. That is good news. The bad news is that we had a great shot at winning the congressional seat and lost. Also, our Republican registration lead over the Democrats has been sliding over the years and at last check was only around 2%.

    I am sure you have heard the old saying “all politics is local” and it really is true. I will be introducing an aggressive political plan that will concentrate on three things. What I am calling the three “R’s” – register Republicans, recruit candidates, and raise money. The Republican Party needs your help to get it done. Consider this your call to arms! We must make our stand here in SLO County and help build the structure that is necessary to bring some common sense and Republican ideals to California. If you would like to join us in this fight, feel free to contact me directly at RPSLOChair@gmail.com.

    I look forward to serving you as Chairman and want to thank you for all your service.

    Tom Bordonaro, RPSLO Chairman

  • America Then, America Now

    This week marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy. America on December 7, 1941 was a very different country, however flawed; it was a nation that immediately united to fight a common foe to preserve liberty. Monday, December 8th resulted in not only a declaration of war against Japan but the highest number of enlistments in the armed forces in a single day than for any other day in history up to the present. Young men literally lined up around the block at recruiting stations to join the Marines, the Navy, the Air Corps and yes, even the Army. Americans were incensed that while they participated in peace negotiations with Japan in good faith, the militarists controlling Japan had been plotting an attack upon our armed forces that killed over 2400 Americans, using peace negotiations to lull America into complacency.

    The Japan of the 1930’s and early ‘40’s was not the pacifist nation we know today. It was ruled by a military clique that viewed itself as the inheritors of the Samurai warrior tradition, holding civilian rule and democracy in contempt. Civilian leaders lived in constant fear of assassination by the military, especially the Army. In 1931 the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Manchuria, China’s northern province, to set up a puppet state called “Manchuko” without the consent of the Japanese civil authorities. Japanese military rule was brutal towards the Chinese as Japan’s military considered itself racially superior to all other races, but especially the Chinese. In 1937 Japan launched a full-scale invasion of the rest of China under the pretext of a contrived incident at the Marco Polo Bridge. The Japanese Army raped, pillaged, burned and murdered its way across large swaths of China, massacring the civilian populations of entire Japanese cities. The cosmopolitan city of Nanking was brutally savaged by Japanese troops who raped at least 40,000 Chinese women and girls as young as five, murdering over 200,000 civilians in a six-week bloodbath. The West was outraged and America responded by imposing severe sanctions. By 1941 the sanctions were crippling Japan’s economy; President Roosevelt cut off exports of oil and scrap metal to Japan, giving that nation less than a year to survive as a modern nation if they didn’t withdraw from China. Japan agreed to peace negotiations but also began planning a major military offensive throughout Asia to seize the resources needed to feed Japan’s war machine. The attack on Pearl Harbor was intended to secure their eastern flank by crippling the U.S Pacific Fleet and force America to sue for an early peace on Japan’s terms. Japan’s forces invaded the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia and the U.S territories of Guam and Alaska, annihilated the U.S. Asiatic Fleet of 81 ships along with defeating military forces of the British, French, Australian and Dutch over a six month offensive. Eventually Japan controlled an area equal to one seventh of the planet. However, the attack on Pearl Harbor, failing to totally destroy it as a base and missing our aircraft carriers, only served to “awaken a sleeping giant” in the words of Japan’s foremost Naval strategist and fleet commander, Admiral Yamamoto.

    Prior to Pearl Harbor America had been a divided country with the majority of Americans determined to stay out of the war raging in Europe regardless of the depredations of Hitler and the Nazis against all of Western and Eastern Europe. Hitler declared war on America after the Japanese attack and we reciprocated, in essence sealing the fate of the worst group of totalitarian regimes to plague mankind since the Mongols terrorized Europe in the 13th Century.

    Fast-forward to the America of today & I see similar trends but with great misgivings. The attack on “9-11” that killed nearly 3000 Americans did not produce anything like the reaction of Americans on December 7th. A lot of people sang “God Bless America”, waved a lot of flags and for about a week, the country seemed to be somewhat united, but only for a week. That’s when the hard-Left began to make noises about the attack was our own fault, conspiracy theories began (“it’s all a government plot led by President Bush”) as it went downhill from there. We haven’t recovered as American politics has degenerated into a semi-permanent, divisive mud-slinging contest of character assassination. Not since the Civil War have Americans been so divided and so truly hating of each other as we do today. The issues that divide us are equally non-negotiable, or so it seems as the issue of slavery was in the 1850’s that led to civil war in 1861.

    I attribute this break in civility and unity as a nation to a generation of indoctrination of our youth, first by teaching them to despise their heritage and second, to despise anyone who disagrees with conventional thought. Some call it political correctness but it’s really just having a closed mind to different points of view. An example of our inability to hold a civil discussion on issues is the fate of any climate scientist who publicly disagrees with the accepted dogma of climate change. Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. -Colorado University – in his Wall Street Journal article “My Unhappy Life as a Climate Heretic” notes his persecution for daring to dissent. Sadder still is the state of our national political discourse after the Presidential election. We’re facing economic destruction, foreign policy challenges and growing military threats to our national survival. Historically, no country so politically divided survives such combined threats; neither will America unless we unite.

    By Al Fonzi, RPSLO Chairman

    First published in the New Times on 8 December 2016

  • Crying, Crisis and a Populist Revolution

    Post-election of Donald Trump you’d think the Soviets had invaded and America was now an occupied country. Watching the hyper-hysterics of anti-Trump demonstrators, especially the tears, leads one to wonder how this nation will survive another 30 years if this is the “Best and the Brightest” being produced by our colleges and universities.

    One expects such theatrics from celebrities; after all, pretending to be someone else or a heroic figure is how they make their living. From the sons and daughters of those able to afford a college education for their kids, the public should at least be presented with a few rational thoughts. Instead we are abused by crying college students followed by tantrums and wanton violence against both unlucky bystanders and local businesses. Even more disgusting is the provision of “safe spaces” stocked with puppies, coloring books and play-dough to sooth their wounded psyche.

    Can you imagine for a moment how this bunch might have reacted to an actual attack upon their country? This December 7th is the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy. Over 2000 Americans were killed in that attack and until the “9-11” attack in 2001, it was the largest enemy attack on American soil since the War of 1812. We’ve had some major disasters as well, the worst being the Galveston Hurricane of September, 1900 which killed about 10,000 people, leveling the city. Life and death are realities that all must deal with as all of us will eventually face a crisis in life that will challenge us beyond anything in our experience.

    Past generations knew this; death was an everyday part of life. Prior to the 1920’s, maternal death in childbirth was not uncommon, losing half your children before age 10 was more normal than people care to remember.

    My point is this: life is hard for most people of the world, most of the time and has been so throughout history. Weak civilizations or societies don’t survive; they either collapse from within or are conquered from without. Raising young men and women to be self-absorbed wimps will not create a better society and the evidence is being played out in the streets of urban America.

    Looking back at the election which surprised most political analysts, it’s apparent that a seismic shift in political loyalties has occurred. The reason working men and women defected from the Democrat Party to the Republicans was obvious: they were left behind, forgotten and ultimately scorned by the urban, coastal elites who stopped listening to Americans a long time ago.

    The national media mocked them as did then presidential candidate Obama in 2008; remember “bitter people clinging to their God, guns and religion?” Clinton made the same mistake by referring to Trump supporters as being “deplorable.” Within 48 hours Trump campaign buttons came out proudly stating “Adorable Deplorable for Trump.” It was a reflection of the failure of Clinton to show empathy with a sizable segment of the American people.

    Government statistics constantly said life was better, the economy was great, Bin Laden was dead, etc., but the people weren’t feeling it. Simultaneously, Trump visited factory towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, affirming the reality of life in the post-industrial Midwest, describing closed businesses by names, towns with closed factories, citing numbers of lay-offs, jobs sent overseas. He attracted crowds of thousands, often over 10,000 who listened to a businessman-billionaire who promised to bring jobs back.

    Meanwhile, the big fight in the Democrat Party seemed to focus on pushing little boys into the girls’ locker room at school along with other alien social experiments of no interest to Americans with real economic problems. Clinton didn’t help herself by catering to the San Francisco environmental elitists when she promised to put the coal industry out of business. Coal provided the power for mid-western factories that made steel and the fossil fuels the elites hated provided head-of-household jobs for an area severely impacted by a prolonged recession. Over 300,000 such jobs have been lost in the Mid-West due to environmental regulations pushed by the Democrats and federal agencies.

    Appalachia in particular was hit very hard and ironically, this is the area the “War on Poverty” was launched by President Johnson in the 1960’s. Today’s Democrats stole the dreams of millions of modest households, forcing breadwinners to travel long distances for work, creating one-parent households, family stress and a host of other social ills. Their hope of escaping poverty was replaced by empty promises of new jobs and training that never materialized. The trade deals promoted by elitist hedge fund managers destroyed industry after industry, emptying towns, shredding communities, replacing hope with despair.

    Trump was the only candidate taking on the powerful who destroyed the lives of millions. He did so fearlessly, creating a populist revolution that has just begun.

    By Al Fonzi, RPSLO Chairman

    First published in the Atascadero News on 18 November 2016

  • Why I’m Not a Democrat (Anymore)

    As a boy of 10 my Cub Scout den attended a political rally in our small military community in which John Kennedy spoke as a Presidential candidate. Kennedy acknowledged our presence and as he departed reached out to touch outstretched hands. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to someone who actually became President. As a president, Kennedy inspired the youth of my generation as no other president in my lifetime, not even Reagan. He called us to serve and to fight for freedom and justice; American youth accepted that challenge.

    Fast forward another dozen years, post-Vietnam service and attending college. Quite liberal about many things, bitter about a lost war, I worked for democrats, believed in most liberal ideas but began to notice I no longer fit; as a party the democrats abandoned the ideals of Kennedy. They blamed the troops for the loss of the war as they abandoned the Vietnamese to their fate, cutting off ammunition and fuel supplies at the end in the face of massive reinforcement of the North Vietnamese by the Russians and Chinese communists. The Democrat-controlled Congress in 1975 prohibited any further expenditures supporting the South Vietnamese military even as South Vietnamese military unit after unit was overrun by a massive communist military invasion of the South. Mass panic ensued with chaos on the ground, millions of people fled in small boats and anything that could float or fly to escape certain persecution or worse.

    On April 30, 1975 South Vietnam collapsed and a communist flag flew over Saigon. In neighboring Cambodia the communist Khmer Rouge began wholesale slaughter of those deemed ideologically defective; when it was over nearly two million Cambodians were dead. In South Vietnam hundreds of thousands were executed and approximately a million sent to concentration camps for years. America abandoned an ally and 58,000 dead as a shocked world watched the beginning of America’s global retreat.

    In 1976, to my undying shame, I fell for the siren song played by Jimmy Carter supporting his presidential bid. He was supposed to be different but he was a fraud, incompetent and worse. By 1978, I had witnessed a political party transformed from within from a party strong on defending freedom and speaking for working men and women to a political party dominated by an extreme left-wing ideological core that disparaged America, Americans and our history.

    In 1979 I had had enough and abandoned the democrats. Our military had fallen apart, military morale was subterranean and the Russians openly engaged in aggression without any effective American response.

    Meanwhile, the democrats adopted the most extreme positions on social issues, such as abortion, first by labeling it a matter of “choice” and helping women out of difficult circumstances to one that now unabashedly supports abortion up to the moment of delivery. Any effort to circumscribe that position via law is fiercely resisted and when successful, struck down by sympathetic federal judges appointed by democrats. America now has the most liberal abortion laws in the world with the democrats even supporting the denial of medical care to infants that survive this barbaric practice. The body-count now exceeds 55 million children executed in the womb since 1973.

    The attacks on social norms of society continues unabated, usually under the mantle of fairness, social justice or civil rights while the rights of others are trampled; women no longer have a “right to privacy” as established by the pro-abortion decision in 1973, that right is now subsumed under the politically correct notion of “gender identity” imposing mandatory gender-integrated restroom and gym locker-room facilities.

    Democrats now openly disparage the Bill of Rights, especially the protections guaranteed under the First Amendment, demanding that political speech, religious belief and especially the right to “the free exercise of religion” be subordinated to the demands of government. They’ve waged unrelenting war on the right of the law-abiding to exercise their Second Amendment right to possess and use firearms, rendering that unalienable right meaningless by a morass of regulations designed to entrap the law abiding, reclassifying them as “criminals” while career criminals continue their carnage unabated.

    Democrat-controlled legislatures bury communities and individuals under avalanches of regulations, taxes and unaccountable, often arrogant government agencies that destroy initiative, private enterprise and blame free markets for every social ill while increasing the power of the state over their lives.

    Every major city has been controlled by democrats for sixty or more years turning our cities into ungovernable wastelands, abandoned by businesses and anyone who could escape, imprisoning minorities into lives of perpetual poverty, crime, hopelessness and resentment.

    Under President Obama, America’s global retreat became doctrine. We now face existential threats from Russia, China and soon, Iran and North Korea; diplomatic humiliation is commonplace. The party of “retreat and defeat” has nearly accomplished its mission of destroying America from within. That’s why I’m no longer a democrat.

    Al Fonzi, Chairman, Republican Party, SLO County

  • Countywide RPSLO Endorsement of Candidates and NO on Measure J


  • OFFICIAL CFRW (California Federated Republican Women) BALLOT POSITIONS AND TALKING POINTS • Plus CRP and HJTA




    Additional positions taken by:

    CRP (California Republican Party)

    HJTA (Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association) have not commented on all Propositions

    Prop 51: School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW NEUTRAL • CRP YES  • HJTA NO
    -This general obligation bond will cost a total of $17.6 billion ($9 billion paid and $8.6 billion in interest over 35 years)
    -The money spent in this bond will go towards the modernization of school facilities (including charter schools) that have been left behind the last decade. This is the first statewide school funding bond in 10 years. It specifically targets rural and low-income school districts that do not have the local resources to seismically retrofit, modernize, and update technology at their school sites.
    – This is the best written bond in recent history. It is the ONLY citizen initiative education bond in our state’s history. Most bonds and all education bonds (before Prop 51) are placed on the ballot by the Legislature.
    -The CFRW feels that this is a personal vote, which is why we remained neutral. It is hard to justify another bond when the last several have gone so wrong (High Speed Rail, the “Water Bond”, etc.). This bond will affect students, voters, and parts of the state very differently. Some districts will benefit greatly while other, wealthy or otherwise stable schools won’t be changed at all.
    -Prop 51 is supported by the California Republican Party and CalTax. It is opposed by Governor Jerry Brown.

    Prop 52: Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. ➤ CFRW YES • CRP YES
    -Simply put, this measure extends a fee program which hospitals opt-in to in order to earn federal matching funds. Once hospitals pay their fees and obtain the federal funds, they use the funds to provide healthcare for children, the uninsured, Medi-Cal patients. The hospitals have the authority to use the funds how it fits their needs.
    -If the current program expires, (meaning Prop 52 fails,) then the Legislature would be
    able to allocate and divide up the federal funding meant for the hospitals. Both the California Republican Party and the CFRW believe that the hospitals should have the final say how their program money is spent… not the Legislature.
    -Prop 52 would also require statewide voter approval should the Legislature try to reallocate the federal matching funds for hospitals for any other purpose.

    Prop 53: Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. ➤ CFRW YES • CRP YES  • HJTA YES
    -Currently, the state can issue ANY revenue bond for ANY amount of money with ANY locality, state, or federal government WITHOUT ANY voter approval or oversight. A revenue bond is levied out of our state’s yearly revenue and is not a general obligation bond so therefore, currently, does not require voter approval.
    -Prop 53 would change that to REQUIRE statewide voter approval for revenue bonds exceeding $2 billion that are issued or sold by the state. This would apply to any project that the state has any part in (either financed, owned, operated or managed by), whether it is a joint agency with a local government, other state government, or federal government.
    -It also prohibits the divvying up of bond projects to make them multiple projects less
    than $2 billion to avoid the voter approval requirement.
    -The CFRW and the Republican Party believe that more government transparency and more voter oversight would be a good thing for our state. Taxpayers have the right to know where and how our revenue is spent before it’s spent.

    Prop 54: Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. ➤ CFRW YES • CRP YES  • HJTA YES
    -Easily one of the most important measures on the ballot. Would allow for more governmental transparency in a time when bills are passed out of stacked committees under the cloak of darkness, with dozens of budget trailer bills added at the eleventh hour, and bills are gutted and amended to be something very different from the original bill introduced. Prop 54 would stop these dirty legislative practices.
    -Prop 54 would require that ALL bills are in print and available online for 72 hours before either house of the Legislature can vote on them. Any bill passed without adhering to the 72 hour threshold will not be made a law.
    -Prop 54 requires that ALL open and public legislative meetings are recorded and made available online 24 hours after they happen and available online for 20 years. Also allows any person to record and broadcast any open legislative hearing.
    -Finally, this measure requires NO NEW TAXPAYER MONEY! There is plenty in our state’s
    budget to cover the minimal costs associated with the printing and uploading of these bills and meeting recordings.
    -Californians are tragically under informed and the Democrat majority in our state legislature takes advantage of the lack of transparency. Prop 54 would allow for a more open legislative process, giving Californians more say in what happens at the state capitol.

    Prop 55: Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO  • HJTA NO
    page2image24256  page2image24416
    Remember Prop 30, back in 2012? That “temporary” tax increase? Well, the powers that be would like to extend your personal income taxes under Prop 30/55 for twelve extra years.
    -This would affect single earners of $250,000 and over, joint filers of $500,000 and over, and heads of household filers of $340,000 and over. This INCLUDES small business owners who often file their small business earnings with their personal income taxes, thereby hurting their business and us, the consumer.
    -This tax extension simply amounts to yet another broken promise made by Governor Brown and the Democrat majority by selling us a “temporary” tax increase in 2012.
    -Prop 55 extends taxes in a time where a tax extension isn’t necessary. We have a $2.7 billion state surplus, and spending has increased in both education and healthcare. Education spending by 52% since 2012 (when Prop 30 was enacted) and Medi-Cal spending by 13%. So is the extension necessary… or, has Sacramento spent away their allowance?

    Prop 56: Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, Law Enforcement. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO  • HJTA NO
    -This measure would increase tobacco taxes to $2 per pack, with equivalent tax increases for other tobacco products containing nicotine, such as e-cigarettes.
    -The title and summary would have you believe that the tax revenue would go towards prevention, treatment, and education of tobacco use, but only 13% of the revenue would go to that. Instead, Prop 56 allocates 82% of the $1.4 billion in revenue to health insurance companies and health care providers.
    -According to our state’s constitution (due to Prop 98), any new tax revenue must allocate 43% of said revenue to K-12 school funding. But the authors of Prop 56 wrote an exemption for themselves in this measure that allows them to circumvent the Prop 98 school funding guarantee. Not a penny of this tax revenue would go to school funding.
    -Almost $150 million annually would go towards just overheard and bureaucracy alone. Democrats know that they can always count on new tax revenue on the backs of taxpaying
    tobacco addicts.

    Prop 57: Criminal Sentences. Parole. Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO
    -Again, one of the most important measures on the ballot. Prop 57 would redefine what a “nonviolent” crime is and allow convicted “nonviolent” felons to petition for early release. Approximately 25,000 felons would be eligible for early release if Prop 57 passes, with 7,000 being immediately eligible.
    -Under Prop 57, “nonviolent” would be defined as felons convicted of rape by intoxication, rape of an unconscious person, human trafficking involving sex acts with minors, arson, hostage taking, drive-by shooting, attempting to explode a bomb at a school or hospital, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence involving trauma, supplying a firearm to a gang member, hate crime causing physical injury, failing to register as a sex offender, false imprisonment of an elder using violence, discharging a firearm at a school, and more (only a partial list)
    -Governor Brown supports Prop 57 and along with Prop 47 (passed in 2014) and AB 109 (prison realignment), Governor Brown has been the worst Governor in our state history on crime and public safety. We are MUCH LESS SAFE than we were when he took office. Crime rates have gone up across the state under his watch, and if Prop 57 passes, violent felons would
    be eligible for early release and back into our communities.
    -Prop 57 would also allow judges, not prosecutors, to decide whether or not to try juveniles as adults in courts. This is important because many, if not most, of the judges in this state are very liberal while many, if not most, of the prosecutors in the state are more conservative. The authors of Prop 57 are deceptively trying to liberalize our state’s court system.
    -Prop 57 is opposed by every single District Attorney in the state as well as opposed by the California Peace Officers Association and the California Police Chiefs Association.

    Prop 58: English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO
    -Although the title would have you believe that an English language proficiency is a priority for this proposition, it actually repeals the requirement that students be taught in English in our schools. Instead, Prop 58 allows for English language learning students to be taught in Spanish a majority of the time, putting them at a disadvantage once they graduate high school.
    -Prop 58 was probably initially well intentioned, but by repealing the requirement for English language proficiency, our students will be left behind when trying to apply for jobs, applying for vocation programs, and at higher learning institutions, without a proper understanding of the English language. Limiting English language requirements will only serve
    to harm our English language learning students, not help them.

    Prop 59: Corporations. Political Spending. Federal Constitutional Protections. Legislative Advisory Question. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO
    -A waste of taxpayer time and money, Prop 59 urges our legislature to let the federal government know that Californians (if passed) disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United. That’s it.
    -As you will recall, Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission was a Supreme Court case wherein the Court ruled it unconstitutional to place certain limits on political spending by corporations. Essentially corporations have the same First Amendment rights as individuals.
    -This is a waste of time and money, costing the taxpayers over half a million dollars just to be placed on the ballot while the proposition does nothing.

    Prop 60: Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW YES • CRP NO
    -Already a law passed in 1992, Prop 60 requires that porn film actors where condoms during the filming of sexual intercourse. Prop 60 closes a loophole in the original law where producers, agents, and filmmakers are now held accountable if their actors are not made to
    wear condoms but then contract a sexually transmitted disease or become pregnant during the filming of sexual intercourse scenes.
    -Taxpayers have been on the hook for treatment of STDs and pregnancy for pornography actors, if they are not made to wear condoms. If Prop 60 passes, perhaps producers, agents, and directors will think twice about the consequences of their actors contracting venereal diseases if they are the ones responsible for the costs.
    -There are certain, basic health and safety standards in every employment industry, from restaurants to manufacturers. The pornography industry should be held to basic human and public health and safety measures as well.
    -The fact of the matter is that women in the porn film industry cannot protect themselves from STDs or unwanted pregnancies unless their co-actors wear a condom. It’s a very standard and easy measure to ensure the safety of all women working in that industry.

    Prop 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO
    -While Prop 61 reads like it would reduce prescription drug costs for our state and our veterans, it does exactly the opposite. Prop 61 would allow our state to purchase prescription drugs from drug manufacturers at the lowest price paid for the drug by the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs.
    -The US Dept. of VA gets special, discounted prescription drug pricing. If our state could also have the same drug at the discounted rate, the drug manufacturers would not have the incentive to keep costs low for the VA. Therefore, they would raise drug prices for veterans so that our state had to purchase them at the same price.
    -Prop 61 is opposed by over a dozen Veterans groups, who know that this measure would only raise drug prices and hurt our veterans.

    Prop 62: Death Penalty. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO

    -Prop 60 would repeal the death penalty and replace it with the maximum sentence for murder as life in prison without the possibility of parole. It would apply retroactively for those already convicted and serving death row sentence.
    -Proponents would have you believe that repealing the death penalty would save the state money from the costly and out of control appeals process. While the appeals process needs to be amended, doing away with the death penalty would mean that the taxpayers would be on the hook to feed, clothe, house, guard, and provide healthcare (even heart transplants and gender reassignment surgery) to murderers until they die of old age in prison.
    -The death penalty is already used very judiciously in California. Of approximately 2,000 murder convictions in the state every year, only 15 people are sentenced to death row. That’s
    only 1.5-2% of murderers a year put on death row.
    -Granted, there is much we can fix with our death penalty and appeals process, but repealing it outright is not the answer.

    Prop 63: Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO
    -Prop 63 is Gavin Newsom’s brain child that he seeks to hang his hat on when he runs for Governor in 2018. Prop 63 drastically chips away at our Second Amendment rights by requiring background checks for the purchase of ammunition for any gun. It also requires that the Department of Justice be made aware of all ammunition purchases and requires the DOJ maintain a list of all ammo purchases in the state.
    -All magazines with the ability to hold more than 10 rounds would be illegal and Prop 63 would require their “disposal”, requiring law abiding gun owners to give up their magazines or else face fines or worse, criminal consequences. There would also be criminal consequences for sharing ammo at the range or on a hunting trip, and any ammo bought at a gun range must be used there and cannot be taken home.
    -Prop 63 is an attack on our Second Amendment rights and undermines law abiding gun owners as well as law enforcement officials who have to purchase their own on-duty and training ammunition.
    -Prop 63 would require that ammo be purchased only through licensed ammo vendors, requiring many small business owners to obtain this licensing through the state. Background checks for ammo will cost the consumer $50 with a 30 day waiting period.

    Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO
    -Marijuana use would be legal for those 21 and over and a sales and cultivation tax would be imposed on marijuana and marijuana products.

    Despite the potential for billions in new tax revenue, Prop 64 is a poorly written initiative with unintended consequences and little gained from the pitfalls of legal marijuana use in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.
    -There is no DUI regulation standard in Prop 64, making it difficult for law enforcement to control and Prop 64 does nothing to keep impaired drivers off the road.
    -Prop 64 also fails to regulate indoor cultivation location, and in fact prohibits limits on indoor growth regulations. This means that indoor growers can be right next to schools, parks, and other public places with as many as 6 marijuana plants.
    -What we have learned from Colorado and Washington since their passage of marijuana use measures is that those states have seen an increase in cartel and illegal marijuana
    possession and sales, not a decrease as proponents would have you believe. Until this can be better dealt with, why would we want to open ourselves up to that?
    -Finally, this is still a “cart before the horse” situation. The federal government still considers a marijuana a Class I narcotic. Until that changes, it makes little sense for our state to make the cultivation, sales, and usage of marijuana legal.

    Prop 65: Carry-Out Bags. Charges. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP YES
    -Under the statewide plastic bag ban, grocers and retailers must provide either paper bags or reusable plastic bags for at least 10 cents. Prop 65 would require that 10 cents to instead go to a “Wildlife Fund” for the state to run and allocate the revenue.
    -This essentially creates a tax for the mandated use of paper or reusable plastic bags provided by grocers and retailers. The state’s Wildlife Conservation Board would have the authority to regulate and implement the new law and revenue collected from it. The CFRW would prefer that if there is a statewide plastic bag ban and grocers and retailers have to provide reusable or paper bags, then the retailer or grocers should at least be able recoup the cost to provide said bags.

    Prop 66: Death Penalty. Procedures. Initiative Statute. ➤ CFRW YES • CRP YES
    -Prop 66 seeks to mend our broken death penalty and appeals process by limiting the
    state appeals process to 5 years for each murder conviction. The accused would be assigned a special appeals lawyer as soon at the death sentence is handed down. This would eliminate and help to streamline a costly appeals process by which it can take up to 5 years just to be assigned an appeals lawyer. The pool of available lawyers will also be expanded for this purpose.
    -The State Supreme Court would be empowered to oversee the limited state appeals process and also protect the rights of the accused since the process will be expedited. Currently inmates on death row can be embattled in a 20-30 year appeals process, costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
    -The trial courts that handled the original death sentence will hold the first appeal trial. This again would streamline costs since these courts know these cases best will handle the initial appeal.
    -Finally, our State Corrections Department will have the authority to reform death row housing in many ways, will allow transfers of death row inmates to help restructure costs between prisons, and will take away special privileges like secluded, single inmate cell housing, while requiring death row inmates to work to pay victims restitution. If both Prop 62 and 66 pass, then the measure with the most affirmative votes will be the one enacted.

    Prop 67: Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags. Referendum. ➤ CFRW NO • CRP NO
    -Referendums are usually tricky, with your NO vote meaning yes you support the referendum and your YES vote meaning you oppose the referendum and support the original law in place. So for Prop 67, the CFRW opposes the statewide plastic bag ban and supports the referendum to overturn the ban, so we urge a NO vote.
    -If Prop 67 passes, all grocers and retailers in the state will be required to offer paper and reusable plastic bags and all single use plastic bags will be prohibited. The grocers and retailers will be required to sell the paper or reusable plastic bags for at least 10 cents. The fact is that this ban cost the state thousands of jobs at several plastic bag manufacturing sites. Plastic bags were also recycled much more frequently than paper bags, so the ban does little to actually help the environment.
    -If Prop 67 fails, the statewide plastic bag ban would be eliminated. Cities and counties would still have the authority to issue plastic bag bans within their localities. This makes much more sense; instead of a statewide ban, let the local governments work with their consumers to decide what works best for them.