CRP November 2010 Voter Guide 10/7/2010 268k
CRP June 2010 Voter Guide 4/21/2010 2.1Mb


Lincoln Club Holiday Party 2012 11/30/2012 205k
2012 Fall Family BBQ 8/12/2012 1385k
Waage-Trinity Hall 3/29/2012 709k
Debbie Arnold Four Seasons 3/12/2012 1098k
Debbie Arnold Portola Inn 3/12/2012 818k
Root Ranch Map 3/2/2012 1869k
Root Ranch Fundraiser 3/20/2012 1290k
Debbie Arnold Invite 2-2-12 1/3/2012 5.2Mb
2012 Election Kickoff Flyer 1-27-12 11/28/2011 151k
2011 Lincoln Club Holiday Party 11/1/2011 157k
Katcho Event 12-7-11 11/1/2011 2.1Mb
Blakeslee Fundraiser RSVP 6-11-11 6/1/2011 1103k
Blakeslee Fundraiser Info 6-11-11 6/1/2011 2.8Mb
2011 Annual Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner 3/1/2011 164k
2010 RPSLO Flag Day BBQ 9/9/2010 240k
Santa Lucia RWF 2010 BBQ Fundraiser 9/9/2010 257k
Blakeslee Event Flyer 6-24-10 5/29/2010 267k
Blakeslee Event Flyer 6-11-10 5/29/2010 231k
33rd Assembly District Candidates Forum 5/4/2010 40k
2010 Annual Lincoln-Reagan Day Celebration with Karl Rove 3/6/2010 163k


Romney Tax Plan 10/19/2012 119k
Volunteer Card 12/11/2011 8.6Mb
Debbie Arnold Bio 10/28/2011 1865k


Virtual Brick Wall Sponsor FormConstitution  Declaration of Independence 3/2/2010 226k


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