Lord, Protect Us From The California Legislature

Lord, Protect Us from the California Legislature

In the 10th century people prayed “Lord, protect us from the Norsemen” and a century later added “…protect us from the Saracen” referring in the first instance to Viking raiders and the second to Muslim pirates raiding the coasts of Britain for slaves and plunder. Today we need to pray to protect us from the California legislature whenever it is in session.

This week the California Legislature is quite busy passing bills designed to strip us of our most fundamental rights. For the uninitiated, California has become, for all practical purposes, a one-party state with the Democrats holding a supermajority in the Assembly and the Senate, the Governorship and holding every statewide elected office.

On Tuesday, the State Senate passed SB 54 declaring the entire state to be a sanctuary state. It proceeds to the Assembly where passage is assured along with the Governor’s signature. SB 54 prohibits every law enforcement agency, including correctional officers, prison guards etc. from communicating with or providing any assistance to federal law enforcement officers in the apprehension of persons illegally present in the United States. It makes a few exceptions for the most egregious criminal element, such as murderers and rapists but leaves out lesser sex offenders, such as pedophiles and sex traffickers as being protected along with habitual drunk drivers, spouse beaters, and thugs engaged in aggravated assault, drug trafficking and gang affiliation. Thus the most violent gangs in America were given protected legal status by the California Legislature from any fear of deportation after completing prison sentences.

Californians were duped a few years ago into passing Proposition 47, ostensibly to make our justice system more humane, prisons less crowded. Many former felonies have been reduced to misdemeanors. That resulted in drug addicts no longer getting drug treatment while incarcerated with access to rehab programs; they’re right back out on the street. Previously, many of them received treatment because the length of their sentence allowed them time to clean up; now they’re just out and return to drugs and crime. Statistically, the local effect is a 52% increase in car thefts in SLO and a general crime increase of 11% in 2016 over 2015. If a thief steals $950 or less from a store, he only gets a citation. Some organized shoplifting rings actually bring calculators to ensure they don’t cross a legal limit. Property crime is substantially up in SLO with thefts from cars the most common property crime. The California State Supreme Court went even further this week, declaring that a thief attempting to cash stolen checks at a bank qualified under Prop 47 protections and should be treated the same as a shoplifter by the legal system.

The legislature wasn’t content with simply making California a more dangerous place to live; they also put forth several bills assaulting your basic freedoms. Progressives have a historical love affair with tyrants, thus it’s no surprise when they have an entire state to use as a laboratory that they aggressively suborn cherished rights by imposition of restrictions and taxes on unsuspecting Californians.

Just a few examples: AB 890 severely restricts if not ends local citizen ballot initiatives if it applies to any land use issues directly or indirectly affecting the environment. You’d be required to submit your proposed initiative to the local city/county planners. If planners determine that your initiative has any direct or indirect physical change to the environment, planners would be empowered to veto the placement of the initiative on the ballot. If this had been law in 2008 the referendum to repeal unpopular creek setbacks in Atascadero would have been prohibited.

AB 1104 makes it unlawful for a person to “publish or circulate on the internet…or in any writing…a false or deceptive statement designed to influence the vote on any issue submitted to voters in an election or any candidate to public office.” Who decides what’s “deceptive” and what happened to First Amendment protections of political speech?

SB 219 doesn’t prohibit speech, it simply compels speech. If you work in a nursing home it becomes a crime to address a resident by the pronouns of Mr. or Mrs. or any non-approved (by the LGBT community) gender specific moniker, regardless of custom or preference. It actually becomes a crime to use such terms and there are no exceptions for faith-based institutional providers.

SB 640 would impose a “service tax” on everything: doctor’s appointments, dentists, tax preparers, accountants, lawyers and lawn services. It taxes everything! This is in addition to the increase in gas taxes by 12 cents a gallon and an increase in vehicle registration fees by an average of $50 per vehicle per year. They’re just getting started in Sacramento and yes, they’re probably even coming for your dog, if not this year, then next.


            Al Fonzi

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