RPSLO March Newsletter – Why Would Trump Think He Got Bugged

Why Would Trump Think His Campaign Got Bugged? – Bob Martz

Count the Ways!!!!!!!!!

Fact: General Flynn was bugged & leaked result was published in Washington Post.

Who initiated the tap – who approved it – & who LEAKED it- which is a felony.

Fact: Obama in his last week, broke all previous protocols & allowed release of intelligence across all agencies.

Fact: Inauguration Day,1-20-17, NY Times article by M.F.Schmidt, “Wire tapped Data Used in  Inquiry of Trump Aides”

See NY Times front page below: Article went on to infer that Trumps aides may have had Russian connections.

Fact: After Trump tweets he’s been bugged, a NY Times article by same M.F,Schmidt said ”No Evidence” of any wire-tap.

Again, see below: Do any on the LEFT ever remember or are responsible for what they had previously written.

Unconfirmed reports have surfaced of wire-tap requests in June to FISA that were denied.

It is extremely rare that FISA requests are denied, only a few amongst thousands have been denied.

Another unconfirmed report surfaced of an October FISA request that was again denied but then approved.

Unconfirmed FISA requests are not proof, but they are strong circumstantial evidence of the bugging narrative.

The NY Times speculated staffers Manifort, Stone, & Page may have been bugged due to their “Russian” connections.

NY Times keeps pounding the absurd narrative the GOP & Russians stole the election, more bugging credence.

Obama staffer says Obama or anyone in White House did not order any wire-tap on any Trump or campaign staff.

A useless denial, Presidents cannot order a wire-tap & just like Lois Lerner blocked IRS OK without any order.

James Clapper, Obama’s Intelligence Director, would have known of any Trump or staff tap, & he denied any knowledge.

Could Mr. Clapper just not know that “surveillance” occurred or could he be part of the cover-up and lied?

95% of Bureaucracy, 97% of Dept. of Justice, & 99% of State Dept. donated to Hillary’s campaign.

The opportunity to damage the Trump election or his presidency was and is still rampant by thousands of people.

Are Democrats being members of the “loyal opposition” to help make a better America for all or just being destructive?

Obama’s “Organized for Action” group as directed in their INDIVISIBLE decree, are disrupting GOP town-halls.

                Schumer, Pelosi, and Perez debauch, slander, & miss-quote every Trump or GOP plan even before seeing it.

                With few exceptions, Democrats in mass disrespected, ridiculed, & walked out on Trump’s speech to Congress..

USA institutions of Democracy are at severe risk due to being pummeled with hate from the Left, Media & Democrats.

            Obama has stayed in Washington to nefariously direct anti-Trump actions & he’s proven capable of lawlessness.

Obama in his last 8 days ordered release of intel data across all 17 agencies in unprecedented dissemination data to thousands guaranteeing info leaks













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